Malaysian hair VS Indian hair is the hottest discussion nowadays. We have done a survey and asked people about which type of hair extensions they will prefer for their daily hairstyle, Malaysian hair extension or Indian hair extension. Most of the answer which we got is based on their guessing, and half of them think that all hair extensions are of the same type.

But the truth is to choose right hair extensions for your daily look it is important to know the core difference so that you can choose better. Through this article, we will let you know the core difference between Malaysian and Indian hair. So that you can select perfect match for your appealing look if you are thinking to buy between these two.

Malaysian hair is known as luxurious hair because of its shiny look. It has a luster which is high to medium in nature. These hair are mainly for those women who are looking for versatility and curly looks. You can easily give different style and maintain its quality. You can apply heat which boosts natural volume and vibrancy of your hair.

Malaysian hair is much coarser than other varieties, making it exceptionally easy to manage and less susceptible to tangles. And yet, it remains manageable because it is more beautiful and smoother than Chinese hair, for example. The coarser qualities of the hair are particularly beneficial when kept glossy and healthy, which is typically quite simple and low maintenance for Malaysian Virgin hair.

Indian hair is the top quality of hair extensions available in the market. It is considered as most natural hair extensions among all the hair extensions. Because its all hair is collected from the single donor. Expansions reflect natural light which adds lustrous sheen. It is durable in nature.

If you are looking for a formal look or straight hair, then Indian hair is one of the best choices for you. Even you can make curls using heating process. It is one of the softest and lightweight types of hair extensions in the market. When it is washed, it will not mat or tangle. When a woman is looking to buy this kind of hair of her own, then she should probably see for wefts that are handmade rather than machine made, as these wefts tend to lie more flatly and smoothly against a woman's head. An additional benefit of Indian human Hair extensions is that they can be blow dried, curled, and straightened, just as a woman's natural hair can be. They can also be colored when done correctly.

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Type of Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair extensions exist in 4 types.

  • Body wave
  • Loose Wave
  • Straight Hair
  • Curly Hair

They are mainly found in one color that is black. But if you want different colors for your extension then you can apply quickly. They also found in a different size. You can choose according to your choice. In Malaysian hair, curly hair is more famous among women.

Type of Indian Hair Extensions

Indian hair extensions exist in 3 types.

  • The curly Indian hair extensions
  • The wavy Indian hair extensions
  • The straight Indian hair extensions

Each of these hair extensions is available in vibrant colors such as Natural black, brown and Gray. Bundles of these extensions come in different length. You can choose the length and colors according to your desired look.

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Indian Hair is thicker as compared to Malaysian hair. And contain natural shining. Malaysian hair come with beautiful wave patterns that blend with medium and coarse textures. And its wave patterns tend to hold up well in any condition.

Malaysian or Indian hair both are excellent hair extensions. It depends on your desire look. If you need thicker and formal look, Indian hair extension is best for you. But if you want wavy and curly hair go for Malaysian hair.

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